Organic Certification and Farm Recordkeeping

Overview Video (1 min)

Tutorial Video (15 min)


Crop Lifecycle

Track your crops from Seed Order to Planting to Harvest to Sale, and more

Multi-User Sync

Your employees and woofers save all their data in the same place


View, edit, and create data when you don't have signal. Sync when you do


VeggieTables is a web app that makes farm recordkeeping easier. The goal is to make the organic certification and annual inspection process a breeze.

Start using the app for free today and see how easy it is to stay organized. No app install needed. Just use your mobile browser. It even works offline.

An annual cost of $89 gets you a farm and 1 user. Additional users are $19 per year. Data imports and exports are free. Contact us for small farm specials.

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